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Motor aging test bench

Author:IUXPOWER    Date:2019/01/17    39Browsing

Technical requirements of motor aging test bench

Technical requirements of motor aging test bench.

1. The situation of the field test is as follows:

Status quo: a controller is connected to 8 motors and tested at the same time.

Requirements: can connect 50 motors to test at the same time, each motor is connected to the controller separately, the controller is not changed, only the motor is replaced as the tested object.

There is a display screen in the middle to display the test results in real time.

III. General requirements:

1. The whole system realizes visualization and friendly man-machine interface.

two。. Connect with a standard connector.

3. Faults are recorded, early warning, stored, queried and eliminated.

4. Debugger sets permissions.

5. Ability to generate reports (reports are standard templates, inspectors do not need to sign manually), fault statistics.

6. The product realizes bar code input (equipped with no line code gun).

7. The number of evaluation points can be synchronized not less than 50 points, and the number of points can be set.

8. The feedback time from the detection system to the sensor signal should not be greater than 300ms (the time should be adjustable).

9. No-load, full voltage operation 110Vd.cMagneS2 working system, cycle 5 minutes.

10. Total time or total number of times can be set for aging.