Charging pile test plan

EVA1000P Portable AC Charging Pile Detector

EVA1000P Portable AC Charging Pile Detector




The AC charging pile test system is mainly used for online debugging, offline testing, aging test and functional verification of AC charging pile products. The test system strictly refers to the national standards GB/T18487.1-2015 and GB/T 20234.2-2015, and truly simulates the charging process and various faults of the real car to avoid problems caused by the use of real electric vehicles. Vehicles are used as test equipment, such as inconvenient test use, incomplete test content, and inability to simulate formal failures. At the same time, damage to the test vehicle caused by the failure of the charging pile can be avoided. The test system can measure charging voltage, current, power and electricity, test CP and CC startup signals, simulate leakage faults, and display the above parameters through a large touch screen, Easy to observe and operate。





◆ Use 250V/440V 32A (three-phase) Gun seat, compatible with single three-phase AC charging pile testing。

◆ The power supply mode can choose external power supply or charging pile power supply; no external power supply is required。

◆ Real-time detection of the voltage, duty cycle, and frequency on the CP line of the charging pile. And calculate the maximum output current of the charging pile according to the national standard through the duty cycle

◆ Real-time detection of the connection resistance value of the CC terminal on the charging pile, and judge the connection status and 

   cable capacity according to the national standard。

◆ Built-in single-phase or three-phase data acquisition card, real-time display of charging voltage and current data of the charging pile

◆ Real-time monitoring of temperature charging gun seat。

◆ The S2 switch is external and controlled manually。

◆ Use 7-inch touch screen for operation。

◆ Judge the qualified range of CP voltage, CP frequency, CP duty cycle, and CC resistance data and display the judgment result。

◆ All the 7-hole wires of the AC gun holder are led out by banana holders, which is convenient for measuring with external instruments.

   Among them, A, B, C, N adopt 16mm sockets, withstand voltage 3KV, and maximum current 80A。

◆ No load, the load can be single-phase ALB-DR10 or ALB-SR45。

◆ The total weight is less than 6KG, easy to carry when going out。

◆ Spot products can be tested at the company site。