Charging pile test plan

EVA1000 AC charging pile tester

EVA1000 AC charging pile tester


The AC charging pile test system is mainly used for online debugging, offline testing, aging test, and functional verification of AC charging pile products. The test system strictly refers to the national standards GB/T18487.1-2015 and GB/T 20234.2-2015, which truly simulates the charging process and various faults of the real car, and avoids the inconvenience and test content caused by the use of an electric real car as a detection device. Incomplete, unable to simulate formal failures and other issues, and at the same time can avoid damage to the test vehicle caused by the failure of the charging pile. The test system can measure charging voltage, current, power and electricity; test CP and CC pilot signals, and can simulate leakage faults. The above parameters can be displayed through a large-size touch screen, Easy to observe and operate。

◆ Use 250V/440V 63A (three-phase) Gun seat, compatible with single three-phase AC charging pile testing。

◆ he power supply mode can choose external power supply or charging pile power supply; no external power supply is required。

◆ Real-time detection of the voltage, duty cycle, and frequency on the CP line of the charging pile. And calculate the maximum output current of the charging pile according to the national standard through the duty cycle。

◆ Real-time detection of the connection resistance value of the CC terminal on the charging pile, and judge the connection status and cable capacity according to the national standard。

◆ Built-in single-phase or three-phase data acquisition card, real-time display of charging voltage and current data of the charging pile。

◆ Real-time monitoring of the temperature of the charging gun base。

◆ Built-in S2 switch, manual control or automatic control can be selected。

◆ Use 7-inch touch screen for operation。

◆ Judge the qualified range of CP voltage, CP frequency, CP duty cycle, and CC resistance data and display the judgment result. The data are set in the national standard range。

AC charging pile detection device

Product model

EVA1010 single phase

EVA1045S three-phase

Test voltage


AC380V/220V Three-phase can also be used as single-phase

Current regulation

1A32A adjustable

1A70A adjustable

Voltage resolution



Electric current resolution



Test items

    CP voltage, frequency, duty cycle measurement, CC resistance measurement, charging voltage, current, power, S2switchcontrol, CC.CP judgment, load aging test, charging pile overcurrent test.

control method

7 inches color screen control;

Protective function

Short circuit protection/over temperature protection/fault protection;

Resistance accuracy

Loading accuracy≤±3%;

Allow to heat up

The maximum temperature rise of the resistance unit does not exceed 400K (it can work normally under this temperature rise)

Powerfrequency withstand voltage

AC1000V/50Hz, 1min, no flicker and breakdown;

Cooling method

Forced air cooling, cooling air flow from bottom to top, fan power supply AC220V/50Hz

Way of working

Long-term continuous work system;

jobs Power supply


Ambient temperature


elevation height


Relative humidity

Daily average is not more than 95%, monthly average is not more than 90%, no condensation occurs

System Standard

Comply with the new and old national standards of charging piles

appearance size



weight net weight


Equipment color


Insulation strength

Class F, the insulation of the load box meets the relevant regulations, and the resistance withstand voltage: 1000V/1 minute;

Charging pile Gun seat

GB charging gun seat 63A/32A

Scope of application

AC charging pile factory aging/operation and maintenance service