Charging pile test plan

ED250A DC Vehicle Interface Simulator

ED250A DC Vehicle Interface Simulator







◆ The equipment adopts a standard rack-mounted modular design, which can be installed in a standard cabinet or a portable box, whichcan meet the needs of laboratory and various field tests at the same time。

◆ The device is equipped with a 250A standard charging gun socket or a European standard 200A Charging pile seat。

◆ It can realize the simulation of the vehicle DC charging interface circuit, with the on-off function of the DC+, DC-, PE, S+, S-, CC1, CC2, A+, A- and other pin connections。

◆ With 4mm standard safety interface, it can realize the collection of various signals and the collection of signals on both sides of the switch。

◆ The device has R4 connection confirmation, the resistance adjustment range is 100Ω~32000Ω, the adjustment step is 1Ω, the resistance value can be adjusted manually or through the host computer as required

◆ The upper computer software of the equipment has R4 resistance value display and setting function, which can view and set the resistance value of R4 resistance in real time, and adjust it in real time through remote communication。

The host computer software of the equipment is equipped with display functions such as A-voltage, CC1 voltage, CC2 voltage, charging voltage, battery voltage, DC+/DC- current and so on. The current voltage and current values can be displayed in real time during the testing process。

◆ The device has a simulation function of the pull-up voltage U2 at the detection point 2, which can simulate the voltage value of the pull-up voltage U2 at the detection point 2。

◆ The device is equipped with a built-in high-precision current Hall sensor, which can realize current signal collection of up to 300A, and can directly realize current collection through external mining equipment。

◆ The device has a built-in battery voltage simulator with a voltage measurement accuracy of 0.5% FS, which can realize the simulationfunction of the battery pack terminal voltage。

◆ The device has a load access interface, which can realize the access of resistance load mode, battery load mode and mixed load mode, and cooperatewith other equipment to meet the requirements of charging pile interoperability testing。

◆ The equipment is equipped with an emergency stop button, which cuts off all circuits at the first time to ensure the safety of people and equipment。

◆ The rear panel of the device is equipped with a 232C communication interface. Through the 232 communication interface, the communication information interaction between the vehicle and the charging pile and the remote control function of the charging interface simulator can be realized。

◆ The equipment is equipped with remote control software to realize the control and parameter configuration functions of all equipment parameters during the loading process。

◆ The equipment has interoperability related equipment, battery wiring simulation, positive and negative connection, DC+DC-leakage resistance settingsimulation, and SOC automatic increase simulation。

◆ The device is equipped with CAN message analysis and can translate BMS messages into Chinese, which is easy to view and understand。

◆ The communication consistency test of the equipment to the charging pile, and has the function of outputting an analysis report。

◆ Statistics of average period, number of transmissions, maximum period and minimum period of various types of messages。