Charging pile test plan

AC charging pile batch aging equipment

AC charging pile batch aging equipment




It is mainly used for batch aging and comprehensive debugging and testing during the production of AC charging piles to improve the efficiency of product shipments. The product can age up to 12  7KW AC piles at the same time at the same time. Real-time monitoring of the charging aging status, and the quick-plug terminal interface for power supply to the pile, which maximizes the production efficiency for customers。



◆ It can automatically detect 12 AC piles, and automatically record, store and display data。

◆ The product adopts high-definition intelligent large screen to make the operation more convenient, and the display is more intuitive and beautiful。

◆ CC and CP signal panel configuration is convenient for users to measure signals。

◆ Online debugging, offline testing, functional test, and aging test of AC charging pile products。

◆ The test equipment can simulate electric vehicle charging and various faults in the charging process, avoiding the inconvenience of using real vehicles as test devices, insufficient test items, and time-consuming and labor-intensive charging and discharging of vehicle power batteries

◆ The device does not require external power supply, and is very suitable for outdoor installation, debugging, and maintenance。

◆ The test equipment can test charging piles with a single-phase AC maximum of 7KW。

◆ The device has built-in resistive loads, smart meters, overcurrent and overload protection switches, thermostats and other components。




◆ Charging voltage detection

◆ Charging current detection

◆ Charging electric energy detection

◆ S2 switch simulation

◆ Overcurrent test

◆ Automatic charge and discharge test

◆ Real-time monitoring of charging status

◆ Charging pile aging test

◆ CC charging connection confirmation resistance measurement

◆ CP voltage, frequency and duty cycle signal detection

◆ Test equipment power supply voltage AC 220V±15%

◆ Charging voltage range AC 0~250v

◆ Range of charging current 0~35A

◆ Cooling method: strong Forced Cooling Air

◆ The equipment's own over-current protection, short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection

◆ Use environment: indoor temperature -10~+50 degrees Celsius