Charging pile test plan

EVAD DC Charging Pile Car Monitoring Adapter Box

EVAD DC Charging Pile Car Monitoring Adapter Box


The main function of the EVAD DC charging pile car monitoring adapter box is fault diagnosis. The diagnostic equipment is connected between the electric vehicle and the charging pile. The diagnostic equipment monitors the charging voltage and current in real time, Control guidance signals and convey information,Non-destructive analysis of the above charging information,After the analysis, the remote diagnosis system is uploaded in real time through the networking module, and the fault status and the whole process of charging can be reproduced at the remote end. Professionals can make remote diagnosis, locate and solve the problem quickly. Through the intelligent algorithm and special charging transfer equipment, the charging information can be monitored nondestructive, without omission, without distortion, and the whole charging process can be monitored. The diagnosis system can automatically capture and display abnormal charging information and quickly locate the fault point. Portable design, built-in high-precision measurement and testing module, through the charging transfer equipment, easy access between electric vehicles and charging piles, suitable for on-site measurement and verification of charging piles。

◆ Measure voltage, measure current, measure power, start SOC%, start SOC%, end SOC%, charging time
◆ BMS parameter display, charger parameter display
◆ Nominal energy, charged energy, estimated energy, battery type, battery rated capacity (Ah), battery rated voltage, battery manufacturer
◆ Battery charging times, vehicle VIN code, communication data monitoring
◆ 10 groups of historical data query, automatic coverage
◆ USB interface PC remote monitoring data
◆ No need for power supply (can be connected to 220V50HZ or not connected)
◆ Rated current: National standard 250A
◆ Charging cable: 1.5 meters
◆ Display mode: LCD Monitoring display