AC and DC test load

PLB-D/S programmable communication series

PLB-D/S programmable communication series








◆ Use touch screen to control, with automatic compensation tracking power function.

◆ According to the power detection requirements, the discharge power can be set through the touch screen.

◆ Detect the working efficiency of various power generation equipment and discharge equipment, the maximum output power and load capacity of full load operation.

◆ Simulate various complex working environments, sudden increase and unload of power, and detect the actual loading capacity and efficiency of the discharge equipment.

◆ With automatic tracking energy calibration function, automatically increase and decrease the load level.

◆ Emergency stop and temperature protection, overload, short circuit, and over-temperature equipment automatically cut off.

◆ The upper limit and lower limit voltage settings are automatically reduced to the range voltage point according to the energy.

◆ The AC and DC integrated machine can be customized for users, which can be used for AC and DC at the same time (this item needs to be discussed and communicated by telephone).

◆ Temperature protection setting, temperature 0~100° can be set, and real-time temperature condition can be detected at the same time.

◆ Programmable interface 0~30 groups of power and current can be set arbitrarily, the minimum execution time of 1ms can be cycled 999999 times.

◆ The minimum resolution of the load is 1W, Can accurately simulate load levels.

◆ The measurement data can be uploaded to the computer and the process record storage function of the detection process data can be realized.

◆ It has two operation modes: panel operation or remote control.

◆ With over-temperature protection function, temperature setting and temperature monitoring.

◆ Adopt new resistive elements, high power density, no red heat phenomenon, long life.

◆ Customizable power factor 0.3~1 adjustable load (user selection needs to mark whether PF adjustment is required).

◆ It is used in precision testing places such as factory inspection, production debugging, simulating harsh load environment, scientific research and development, military industry and so on.

◆ It adopts 7-inch LCD touch screen control and LCD instrument display.

◆ The resistance, inductance, and capacitance can be customized according to the actual needs of users; and the power factor can adjust the test load.

◆ Built-in power factor navigator (the user only needs to set the power or current and power factor value, the system will automatically budget the value. The user can modify this value or start it directly).

◆ Please be sure to note clearly the resistance or capacitance when placing an order.

◆ LoRa control technology, wireless remote PC control.

Programmable load box equipment control board drawing: