AC and DC test load

PALD1000 data center load

PALD1000 data center load




The key facilities of the data center are power distribution and air-conditioning systems, etc. The comprehensive test is the on-load test of the key facilities. However, IT equipment is gradually installed after the data center is delivered to use, that is, there is no IT load in the data center during construction acceptance, so many problems in key facilities cannot be exposed. Therefore, the fake load came into being. Simulate the actual operation and heat generation of IT equipment through dummy load to ensure the effective operation of the data center power supply system (including UPS system), air-conditioning fresh air system, lightning protection grounding system, monitoring system and other systems, and find out in time through testing Problem, solve the problem, in order to prevent the occurrence of safety hazards。




The fake load verification test, as a comprehensive inspection and test before the new data center is put into production, has been recognized and supported by more and more industry professionals. And as an indispensable key project link in the new data center project. The introduction of this link plays a very important role in project, operation, and data center life cycle management. It can eliminate hidden dangers in advance, establish operation and maintenance procedures, and carry out operation drills. At the same time, it is the final guarantee for the overall project delivery quality. At this stage, regardless of the hidden dangers buried in design, construction, equipment, etc., rectification can be implemented at the least cost, so as to avoid the systemic risks of the project.




Computer room refrigeration system acceptance / Computer room airflow environment to provide acceptance report / Computer room design index verification / Computer room power system acceptance




AC and DC rack-mounted dummy load

Product model

PALD-1004 Data Center Test AC Dummy Load

The main technical indicators of the load box, and the parameters can be customized according to customer needs

Rated voltage

Ue=220V for both AC and DC, AC 220Vac DC test DC 270V

rated power


Maximum current


Minimum step




control method


Panel layout

Power switch, power adjustment switch, buzzer

Power outlet

C14 power socket

Load pattern

Constant resistance

Protection function (optional)

Short circuit protection, over temperature protection, fan failure protection

Cooling method


jobs power supply

Input test provided

Installation method

Meet the 19-inch standard cabinet installation specifications

working environment


shape size


equipment weight


Exterior color



◆ For special specifications, please call the business department of the company, and the company accepts special customizations according to user needs