AC and DC test load

IPATS1000 Power Load Series

IPATS1000 Power Load Series





①Electrical accessories power load ②Switch and circuit breaker pulse current solid-state current test ③Fuse micro switch Controller test

◆ This power supply accessory power load cabinet is designed and manufactured according to the technical requirements in IEC60884-1, GB2099.1, GB16915, GB15092, UL1054IEC, GB and VDE and the technical requirements provided by customers。

◆ Suitable for life, making and breaking capacity and breaking capacity tests of electrical accessories such as plugs, sockets, switches, etc., especially for samples that require inductive load life tests。

◆ The output load current is adjustable from 1 to 30A, and the no-load output single-phase voltage is adjustable from AC5 to 300V。

◆The output power factor is adjustable from 0.3 to 0.999. In addition, different specifications of load current and impulse current can be customized according to customer requirements。

◆ The impulse current test can be customized for users, instant 120A or 150A 200A using 1S (touch setting time)。

◆ The biggest feature of this machine replaces the original manual mode operation, and the whole process is automated, such as: instant test 120A, 1S, and then perform normal current test, 1A10S2A15S...etc. It can be cycled 999999 times。

◆ Parameter execution is all controlled by touch, plus emergency stop control. The number of groups can be set. ...

◆Suitable for switch, socket, power strip, circuit breaker... and other operating current places。                                                      

NOTE: Please contact IUXPOWER sales staff for detailed parameter schemes...




◆ Pure power output quality: 110V/220V dual power conversion, providing pure and reliable sine wave output. It is not only the best source for R&D and laboratories, EMI/EMC and other standard power supplies for safety testing。

◆ Excellent stability: output load voltage ≤±1%, output frequency ≤±0.01%. The output frequency is generated by a quartz crystal oscillator, which has a very stable and precise frequency output。

◆ The use of insulated gate transistor (IGBT) modules can promote high-power output, improve quality stability, and reduce power loss and interference。

◆ Directly select the output frequency file: 47~63Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz。

◆ Fast transient response speed: For 100% unloading/loading, the output load regulation rate (response time) can be immediately stabilized at ±1% (linear load)。

◆ Multiple safety protection functions: with over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, short-circuit protection, and alarm devices. In the event of an abnormal state, the electronic circuit of the machine will automatically sense and immediately cut off the output, and at the same time it will sound an alarm to notify the user to deal with the emergency situation。

◆ High measurement accuracy, suitable for testing current sine waves and similar waveforms with DC。

▲The above parameters can be used as a standard source or as a power supply

◆ Key operation: digital key operation or PLC touch screen control operation (Chinese subtitles), convenient operation。

◆ The power factor can be adjusted and customized, and customized according to user needs。

◆ The output voltage and current can be adjusted, ACPOWER-V, LOADBANK-A, PF, please specify for special requirements。

◆ Mainly used in micro switch, electric vehicle controller, switch test。