AC and DC test load

IP-RLC programmable AC load

IP-RLC programmable AC load







◆ It adopts touch screen + PLC method for control, with two methods of local control and PC control, and provides corresponding upper computer operating software。

◆ Inductive, capacitive and resistive load power can be combined arbitrarily, resistive 0.001KW~maximum power adjustable, inductive 0.001KW~maximum power adjustable, capacitive 0.001KW~maximum power adjustable. Satisfy。

Accurately adjust the AC resonance point under the condition of unbalanced three-phase voltage。

◆ The discharge power can be set and combined arbitrarily through the operation panel according to the testing requirements of performance parameters。

◆ Simulate the occurrence of resonance of AC power equipment, effectively and accurately detect the anti-islanding protection function of the grid-connected inverter。

◆ Detect the working efficiency of various inverters, the maximum output power and load capacity of full load operation。

◆ Simulate various complex working environments and detect the comprehensive working performance status of the inverter in various environments。

◆ Resonance test: set inductive power consumption = capacitive power consumption, theoretically the inductive capacitive reactive power cancels each other out at resonance, and the reactive power = 0。

◆ The minimum resolution of resistive load, inductive load and capacitive load is 1W, which can accurately simulate the occurrence of AC resonance and meet the needs of inverter debugging and testing。

◆ A variety of data can be measured to meet the needs of inverter testing, including: resistive current, inductive current, capacitive current, voltage, current, frequency, power, apparent power, reactive power, voltage total harmonics, electrical,Flow total harmonic, power factor, voltage waveform, can upload measurement data to the PC and realize the process record and storage function of the detection process data。

◆ The measurement data can be uploaded to the computer and the process record and storage function of the detection process data can be realized。

◆ There are two operation modes: panel operation or remote control。

◆ With over-temperature protection function, temperature setting and temperature monitoring。

◆ Adopt new resistive element, high power density, no red heat phenomenon, long life。

◆ Customizable power factor 0.3~1 adjustable。

◆ With over-temperature protection function. Temperature protection setting, temperature 0~100° can be set, and real-time temperature condition can be detected at the same time。

◆ Use 7-inch LCD touch screen control, LCD instrument display。

◆ Adopt a new type of resistance element, high power density, no red heat phenomenon, the whole machine is composed of three parts: resistive load, inductive load and capacitive load。

◆ Used in the field of grid-connected inverter factory inspection, production commissioning, scientific research and development, laboratory electrical characteristic test, and authoritative organization identification and testing。

◆ Features of this machine: Add power factor navigator, users only need to input the desired power or current and power factor digital input to form the corresponding value of LC。

◆ It is applied to the product acceptance and daily maintenance testing of grid-connected inverters by users, comprehensively and scientifically testing the power supply capacity of various inverters, and accurately providing testing reports。

◆ UL 1741:1999 《Inverters, converters and controllers for independent power systems》

◆ IEC 61727:2004 《Interface Requirements for Photovoltaic System Power Supply Organizations》

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◆ IEC62116 《Test Method for Anti-islanding of Inverters for Photovoltaic Grid-connected Systems》formulated this certification technical specification

◆ UL20/UL1054 standard switch requires temperature rise test after overload and durability