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IPAC2000 series AC feedback electronic load

IPAC2000 series AC feedback electronic load






The IPAC2000 series of regenerative AC electronic loads are used for generators, AC sources, inverters, UPS/EPS, charging piles, controllers and switch segment devices, server AC devices, power electronic equipment testing and aging. The AC feedback electronic load is a power electronic conversion device based on a two-stage conversion architecture of power frequency isolated IGBT rectification and inverter. It has high reliability and programmability; it can realize local control through internal control and communication modules And remote control. The internal sampling circuit can quickly detect over current, overload, over voltage and output short circuit, and automatically protect and cut off the output, and send out an alarm. The power inverter unit uses integrated laminated busbar technology and modular configuration to improve quality reliability and stability. The equipment adopts touch screen display and control, and the operation is simpler。




◆ Using the principle of PWM rectification + PWM inverter, it can realize energy feedback to the grid, and has outstanding advantages such as energy saving and consumption reduction, and green environmental protection.

◆ The PF value can be set between 0.3 and 1 (leading or lagging).

◆ It has a wide voltage input range and a wide frequency input range. 

◆ With constant resistance, constant current, and constant power working modes. 

◆ Using PWM synchronous rectification, combined with software algorithm PFC correction control, to achieve power factor (PF) ≥ 0.99. 

◆ ITHD≤3%. 

◆ It has complete grid-connected protection functions: over frequency, under frequency, over voltage, under voltage, overload, etc. To

◆ Three-phase has three-phase independent adjustable function, (harmonic adjustment option).




Model number

IPAC2000 series regenerative AC electronic load


1KW-1500KW optional

AC input 


Number of phases

3φ4W+PE Three-phase four-wire (three-wire) + ground wire or 1φ2W+PE single-phase two-wire + ground wire (power supply)

voltage range


Current range



43Hz – 67 Hz 

Power Factor

0.3~1 (leading, lagging)

Current harmonics

3% (rated power)



Constant current, constant resistance, constant power

Constant power accuracy

≤±0.8 % FS 

Constantcurrent accuracy

≤±0.6 % FS 

Constant resistance accuracy

≤±0.6 % FS 

Time accuracy

Setting 0.1 sec+ 0.1 % 

Harmonics editor

Can edit any harmonic 2-50 times (optional function)

Voltage resolution


Current resolution



Phase loss, overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, overload, short circuit, reverse connection

cooling method

Forced air cooling

responding speed


Power supply

380VAC ±15%  50HZ/220VAC±50HZ


touch screen

Communication Interface


Insulation resistance

Input to the chassis 20MΩ 500VDC, output to the chassis 20MΩ 500VDC

Withstand voltage

Input to chassis 1500VAC for 1 minute, input to output 1500VAC for 1 minute

Feedback characteristics

Rated output voltage

380V AC/220VAC 50HZ/60HZ (three-phase is three-phase feeder network, single-phase is single-phase feeder network) 

Total current distortion distortion T.H.D


Output frequency


Output overvoltage protection

>418V AC 

Output undervoltage protection

<342V AC 

Feedback power

100% full scale power feedback


Operating environment

0 – 45℃ (outdoor/-20℃ 50℃ need to be customized) 10-90%RH

cooling method




Protection level