AC variable frequency power supply

ALC2000L Programmable Linear AC Power Supply

ALC2000L Programmable Linear AC Power Supply








◆ Using transistor linear amplifier circuit structure, output pure and stable sine wave, after special treatment, it contains small harmonic components, no interference, high precision, and low noise。

◆ High measurement accuracy, suitable for half-wave and similar waveform tests with DC components。

◆ Provide embedded intelligent PC monitoring system。

◆ The starting angle of the waveform can be set (0-359℃), which is suitable for measuring the peak current of non-linear loads。

◆ Adopt advanced direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDS) waveform generation technology, with high frequency stability and good continuity。

◆ Full range adjustable output voltage 0-150V, 0-300V, (0-600 V optional) step 0.1V。

◆ Output frequency 45-120Hz (40-500 Hz optional), step distance 0.1 Hz。

◆ Output current limit function。

◆ With 9 groups of memories, you can store commonly used parameters (voltage V, frequency F) for easy recall during use。

◆ With RS232C, RS485, GPIB communication interface, command execution time is less than 1ms。

◆ Protection mode: overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, short circuit, current limit, etc。

◆ Provide readings of root mean square voltage, root mean square current, active power, frequency, power factor, peak current, etc。

◆ For 100% load removal, the voltage stabilization response time is within 2ms, the overload capability is strong, and the instantaneous current can withstand 3 times the rated current。

◆ Voltage, frequency, time, angle setting, digital key input, high accuracy。

◆ This machine can perform 30 sets of different voltage, frequency, gradual change time, running time settings at one time, and can perform 999999 cycles continuously. The shortest running time can be set to 1ms, which can be used for Simulate harsh mains test to achieve surge and notch functions。

◆ This machine can simulate the interference status of power grids in various countries to simulate the test of products under interference conditions 。




◆ Automated test system         ◆ OA product testing        ◆ Product testing and development

◆ Product life and safety test EMC test