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AC/DC relay life test device

AC/DC relay life test device






Main technical parameters of relay life test device:
The test bench is mainly for testing the resistance to mechanical wear, contact welding, jitter, and temperature rise of magnetic latching relays; and the stability of the magnetic steel in fast forward and reverse commutation. Meet the requirements of GB14048.1-2012 national standard test. The test bench system consists of 3 parts-operation console, test load, precision adjustable AC power supply
1. Operation console: test product wiring, set control parameters, display and set parameters by touch screen, PLC control drive and alarm. Each unit failure count is accumulated and judged according to the number set by the user
Whether it is qualified or not.
2. Load stand: simulated contact use load, there are 3 kinds of load, resistive, inductive, capacitive, commonly used resistive load (iron-chromium-aluminum); impact inductive load is hollow inductance and adjustable power factor 0.3-1; and with
Normal load. Capacitive load: capacitor load.
3. Precision adjustable AC power supply: Zhimao ALC2000 series, configured according to test requirements.

2. Some parameters of the test bench

① Test unit: test multiple or one relay at a time. Either single coil or double coil can be tested. Single and double coil switch switch.
1.1 Test type: ordinary relay, single magnetic, dual magnetic, common positive or common negative
1.2 Detection type: NO, NC, conversion
② Number of load channels: multi-channel or single-channel type can be customized: current 0~MAX customized; Pf0.2~1.
③ Coil voltage: 0-50VDC adjustable, 3A current. 1 way power control.
④ Pulse control: 10-100 milliseconds adjustable positive and negative pulse, MOS tube control.
⑤ Time interval: 0.1-100 seconds to control the action period of the relay.
⑥ Counting times: 3 closed points, open points, counting points, counting times 9999999 times. The main count can be set to the maximum count and stop, the failure count is set to alarm, the sub-count is cleared separately, and the power is saved
Record function.
⑦ Failure query function: sticky, failed, failed, continuous failure, etc.

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