Solar array simulator

SIS1000 solar array simulator

SIS1000 solar array simulator








◆ Power capacity: 600W--1500kW

◆ Can simulate the output characteristics of solar panels (domestic first)

◆ Can simulate I-V curve under different light and temperature

◆ The output characteristics of a variety of solar cells can be simulated through Fill Factor

◆ It can simulate the I-V curve when the solar panel is shaded

◆ It can test the static and dynamic MPPT conditions

◆ MPPT working point is displayed on the upper computer software in real time

◆ With constant power mode

◆ With constant internal resistance mode, the internal resistance can be set

◆ Possess powerful graphical upper computer software

◆ High voltage regulation accuracy, low ripple voltage

◆ Using 16bit high-speed ADC, fast and accurate measurement

◆ Adopt ARM, DSP dual CPU control

◆ Application of full-bridge phase-shift soft switching technology

◆ Matlab simulation optimization for dynamic stability

◆ Use high-speed DSP for PID calculation and directly output PWM

◆ The transformer adopts amorphous iron core, which has high saturation magnetic induction, high permeability, high inductance, low loss, small size, light weight, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, excellent frequency characteristics, and temperature stability

High characteristics

◆ Fast storage of 9 groups of data (voltage, current, power)

◆ With over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection functions

◆ Voltage, current, time setting, digital key input, high accuracy;

◆ With RS232C communication interface (RS485, GPIB is optional)

◆ Comply with EN50530/Sandia/CGC-GF004 standard




Multiple modes to simulate the I-V curve of the solar array: