Microgrid supporting product series

PLB-SRD short circuit fault simulator

PLB-SRD short circuit fault simulator








◆ It can accurately simulate the ground faults of different cable positions, and the fault points can be switched between each other
◆ Each short circuit circuit has three current-limiting resistors: 1 ohm, 5 ohm, and 10 ohm
◆ It can be controlled by software programming, and the duration of the fault can be set
◆ Simulation of ground fault of connected public low-voltage power supply system cable
◆ Distribution line fault simulation: including phase-to-phase short-circuit, three-phase short-circuit, single-phase grounding, two-phase grounding, three-phase grounding and other faults
◆ With overheating automatic blocking protection function
◆ Including ground fault simulation, low noise, lower inlet, lower outlet, upper exhaust, suitable for indoor work






Applicable voltage range

0~400V, the maximum passing current is 200A

Resistance accuracy


Power supply

Single phase 220V 50Hz

Applicable ambient temperature range


cooling method