BMS simulator

ED122 portable BMS simulator

ED122 portable BMS simulator



The BMS simulator complies with the communication protocol of the national standard GB.T27930-2015 "Communication protocol between the electric vehicle off-board conductive charger and the battery management system", and is compatible with the national standard GB.T27930-2011 communication protocol. It is suitable for DC charging pile testing. The 7-inch touch screen operation interface is convenient and simple. The product is equipped with host computer operating software, which realizes various testing and analysis methods for charging piles. Suitable for R&D, debugging, and factory testing.

The message status of the charger CHM, CRM, CTS, CML, CRO, CCS, CST, CSD, CEM can be set in real time to display the message content and message cycle of the vehicle, which can simulate various message conditions of the car.
The 7-inch touch screen is used for operation to set various parameters of the message.
You can choose to use the host computer software.

Portable BMS simulator

product name

Portable BMS simulator

Model number


Power supply


Detection object

DC charging pile

Operation method

Host computer, 7-inch touch screen

Load power


Operating temperature


Use occasion

R&D and debugging, factory test