DC power supply

DLC9000 linear power supply series

DLC9000 linear power supply series






The DLC9000 series linear programmable DC power supply adopts a pure linear production method, with constant voltage, constant current, and constant power output modes. It can automatically cross-convert, maintain control and protection characteristics, and ensure the high precision, low ripple, and output of the DC power supply. The voltage and current dynamic response speed is fast, and the products are mainly positioned in the electronic power production, PCB board manufacturing industry and communications, PLC power supply, automatic test system integration, medical equipment, and laboratories for high-precision DC power supplies. Used to replace imported low-power DC power supply products.




DLC9000 series programmable linear DC power supply is a high-power and high-precision DC power supply with AC single three-phase input and DC output, the maximum power can reach 400KW.

This series of power supplies have excellent electronic characteristics such as ultra-high accuracy, precision and stability, and can provide high-power ultra-low ripple DC power supplies on the production line, making the product performance more perfect. It has a complete protection circuit. Compared with the switching power supply, it has the advantages of high precision, small ripple, no high-frequency radiation interference, and wide application occasions.

This series of products is an ideal DC stabilized power supply, which can be widely used in factories, schools, research institutes, laboratories and various departments of the national economy.

Specification range: output voltage 0~2000V, output current 0~1500A optional


◆ DLC9000 series DC stabilized current power supply circuit is linear series adjustment type, which has the characteristics of high stability, high precision and low ripple voltage.

◆ Under the rated power, voltage and current output, the desired settings can be freely combined

◆ Accurate voltage and current measurement allows you to save additional measuring instruments;

◆ High voltage regulation accuracy, low ripple voltage

◆ With over voltage, over current, over temperature, under voltage, short circuit protection

◆ Voltage, current, time setting, digital key input, high accuracy, panel can be set;

◆ With RS232C/485 communication interface, command execution time is less than 2ms

◆ Power size is restricted (only for 30KW or less)





◆ Testing and aging of LED, energy-saving lamps and other lamps

◆ Switching power supply, power adapter

◆ Photovoltaic and inverter test aging

◆ Aerospace, national defense and military industry

◆ Testing and aging of electric vehicle motors, controllers, and DC motors

◆ Electronic devices such as capacitors, resistors, relays, transistors, sensors, etc.

◆ Electrolysis, electroplating, corrosion of aluminum foil processing, etc. LCD screens, touch screens and other displays

◆ Automotive electronics, DC motors, motor controllers, cigarette lighters, audio and video test aging, etc.





DLC9000 series linear programmable DC regulated power supply


 DLC9000 series linear programmable DC regulated power supply

Production method


Constant voltage and constant current

 Constant voltage and constant current switchable

Constant pressure

 Current change value at constant voltage

Constant current

 Voltage change value at constant current












 0-Max voltage can be customized


 0-Max customizable current

control method

 Potentiometer control (optional for external control)

Display LED

 Voltage and current

Power regulation rate


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Pressure drop compensation

 With automatic lead voltage drop compensation S1S2 (optional)

Voltage resolution


Current resolution


Setting accuracy



 0-100% voltage can be set


 0-100% current can be set

measurement accuracy






 Over current, over temperature, overload, short circuit

Electromagnetic Compatibility

 Input EMC filter

input method

 Wiring block

output method

 Wiring bar (busbar)

Operating environment

Temperature: 0-45Relative humidity 0-90%RH (non-condensing state) 1500m above sea level

Insulation reactance

55Vdc 20MΩ or more

Withstand voltage insulation

1800vac/5mA/1 minute

cooling method

Forced air cooling

Communication Interface

 RS232C/485 provides communication protocol (optional)

Analog interface

Can provide analog 0-10V/5V/4-20mA control and feedback signal (optional)

Custom function

Voltage and current shape can be customized


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